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Bengal Is Being Hit Hard by Climate Catastrophe

When it hit the Bay of Bengal in May, Cyclone Amphan caused apocalyptic scenes, flooding whole districts and flattening villages. Amid a pandemic and in a region already riven by food insecurity, storms like these are catastrophic.

Andrés Arauz Is Refusing to Let Neoliberals Bury Ecuador’s Citizens’ Revolution

After a sustained campaign of judicial persecution, Lenín Moreno’s increasingly unpopular government has barred former president Rafael Correa from running in February’s elections. But radical economist and presidential candidate Andrés Arauz is pushing ahead with his bid to continue Correa’s Citizens’ Revolution — standing defiant against moves to block the Left from standing.

We Shouldn’t Have to Work So Damn Much

We’re working longer hours than in decades. But we don't have to. We deserve a more democratic economy in which we have the free time to develop our talents, hang out with friends and family, and do whatever else we please.

Private Equity Firm Blackstone Actually Had a Sub-Zero Tax Rate Last Year

Even though Blackstone, the world’s largest private equity firm, raked in billions in profits last year, new documents show their tax rate actually went below zero. This may help explain why CEO Stephen Schwarzman has spent nearly $25 million to help Trump and GOP senators win: to ensure the tax breaks enriching Blackstone stay in place.

Donald Trump Endorsed Right-Wing Violence During the Debate

In last night's debate, Donald Trump failed to condemn white supremacists — even telling the Proud Boys to “stand by” — then refused to promise he would encourage his supporters to refrain from political violence in November. His rhetoric is growing more and more dangerous.

Trump’s “Deterrence” Strategy Targeting Black Voters Doesn’t Have to Work

In both his campaigns, Trump has run ads aimed at killing black voters’ enthusiasm for the Democratic nominee and lowering their turnout. The strategy is craven, but the ads exploit real disillusionment. Without a sharp break from their history of failing black constituents, Democrats will remain vulnerable to such opportunistic gambits in the future.