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England Doesn’t Exist

There’s a void at the heart of English identity, with its reliance on empty clichés and old dreams of empire. But decentralizing power to the regions points to an alternative — replacing narrow nationalism with an inclusive community pride.

Keeping Homeless Families Homeless, By Force

When our housing system’s primary function is to enrich capitalists rather than provide for humans’ basic needs, it’s no surprise that developers would rather deploy a small army complete with guns, a battering ram, and a tank to remove homeless families from an empty home, as they did earlier this week in Oakland, California.

Voting Is a Right, Not a Privilege

After the Florida Supreme Court upheld the state’s modern-day “poll tax” this week, right-wing governor Ron DeSantis gloated that “voting is a privilege.” He’s wrong — and socialists should be at the forefront of fighting for democratic rights.

A Communist Designed Your Kitchen

Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky is renowned as creator of the first fitted kitchen, designed to cut the time devoted to household chores. But her “social architecture” was just part of her deep political convictions — a journey that led her to the Communist resistance against Nazism.

How an Anti-Sexist Candidate Got Smeared as Sexist

The recent scandal alleging that Bernie Sanders told Elizabeth Warren a woman couldn’t beat Trump captured attention for days. The manufactured narrative shows how the media repeats cynical, bad-faith attacks until they get seen as fact.

Why College Should Be Free

A whole range of goods should be publicly provided, financed by taxes, and free of charge to all — regardless of whether it’s the affluent or the poor who use them most. College is one of those goods.