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How New York Politics Has Changed

Andrew Cuomo took his victory lap in last week's New York election. But the incumbent class below him has been shattered, and his base is hungry for radical change.

Death of a Torturer

Jon Burge, the Chicago police commander who tortured over one hundred black men, died yesterday. He acted with complete impunity over almost two decades before reporters, activists, and human rights attorneys stopped him.

Obstructing Justice

Recently released FBI documents detailing the bureau's actions against George Crockett Jr show how the bureau acts as the nation’s political police, relentlessly hounding radicals.

#MeToo and McDonald’s

It’s been a long time since a strike in the US directly targeted sexual harassment. But on Tuesday, women workers took direct action against their bosses and brought the #MeToo movement to McDonald's.

Paying For Socialism

Concern trolls often ask how we can "afford" socialist policies. Once we're in power, we'll have options. For now, just ignore them.

Will UPS Teamsters Vote No?

UPS drivers are facing a contract with huge proposed concessions negotiated by James Hoffa. The only way to protect their living standards is to vote "no."