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“We Are Reading Thinly Disguised Propaganda”

Just like always, the corporate media’s coverage of the recent Israeli strikes against Gaza was blatantly one-sided. The truth is simple: Israel must end its occupation and its bombings and finally recognize the Palestinian people as equals.

Put This on Your Wall

Get our latest cover — featuring Bernie and the Squad — as poster print for just $14.95, and support our good work.

Labour Is for a Green New Deal

Labour’s manifesto will be published tomorrow, and a Green New Deal will be a part of it. It’s a major victory for climate activists and the Left — if we can keep its bold vision intact.

Labour Is Going to Transform Britain

For three decades, the “extreme center” has silenced all alternatives to neoliberalism, presenting itself as above challenge. But as Tariq Ali insists, there is an alternative — and Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour is offering it.

The Political Utility of Feeling the Bern

The polls are all over the place, but Bernie Sanders has a trick up his sleeve: no other candidate in the Democratic primary boasts such a deeply devoted support base. Come the general election, that deep enthusiasm for Sanders will be crucial for beating Donald Trump.

Here’s What Voters Actually Think About Medicare for All

“Medicare for All isn’t politically viable” is the refrain from the pundits. But how many non-pundits have they actually talked to about Medicare for All? Democratic Socialists of America activists have been going door-to-door talking to thousands — here’s what they’ve been hearing.

The Tory Plan to Undo the NHS

The Tories have tried to undermine the National Health Service since its creation. And now they’re attempting to privatize its services — making handsome profits in the process.