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It’s 2016 All Over Again

Joe Biden is pitching himself as an electable moderate who can beat Donald Trump. We’ve seen this movie before — and we know exactly how it ends.

German Unions Are Waking up to the Climate Disaster

The call to stop the production of coal and cars often sounds like a threat to jobs. But German trade unions have realized that the green transition needs to happen — and they’re fighting to make sure it’s bosses, not workers, who pay for climate justice.

How Tiffany Cabán Lost the Vote But Won the Fight in Queens

Tiffany Cabán speaks to Jacobin about her stunning left-wing challenge to the Queens County Democratic machine in the recent district attorney’s race. Although her campaign came just short of victory, the movement against mass incarceration — and New York City politics — will never be the same.

Grappling with the Market

Arguing with free-market enthusiasts can be tedious, but somebody’s got to do it. In his most recent book, social-democratic economist John Quiggin examines the case for markets and where it goes wrong.

No Neutrals in Harlan County

Mineworkers and their families in Harlan County, Kentucky, have blockaded the railroad tracks of a deadbeat employer. It’s a reminder of the county’s heroic history of struggle and solidarity.

The Socialist Pioneers of Birth Control

When birth control was still taboo, early socialists fought to make it accessible to working-class women. Because they knew women’s emancipation is at the heart of the struggle for a better world.