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Bolivia Has Provided Us a Radical Vision of Hope

Bolivia’s MAS party will confront numerous challenges when returning to power. But its resounding victory against the authoritarian right and its roots as a party of social movements represent a radical vision of hope at a time when we need it most.

What Should Bolivia Do Now With Its Coup Plotters?

The victory of Evo Morales’s Movimiento al Socialismo party in Bolivia is a triumph for democracy and a rebuke to the right-wing coup plotters. But Bolivia now faces some serious questions: How will the country engage with these recent atrocities perpetrated by the Right? And what will happen to those who committed them?

Chileans Finally Have a Chance to Scrap Pinochet’s Constitution

A year after mass protests erupted in Chile last October, a historic referendum on the Pinochet dictatorship’s 1980 constitution will take place on Sunday. Three decades after the transition to democracy, Chileans now have an opportunity to break with the legacy of violence and dispossession that the constitution has upheld.