National Union of Mineworkers President Arthur Scargill in 1984, amid picketing miners. Don Mcphee / Guardian

Maggie and the Miners

Though he’s largely forgotten, Arthur Scargill was an ardent foe of Thatcherism and a champion of militant trade unionism.

Newborn babies in a Connecticut nursery.  Blaine Harrington Age / F1online

Cash and Carry

The surrogacy industry shows how difficult it will be to make new reproductive technologies benefit all.

Bill de Blasio on election night, 2013. Stephen Nessen / Flickr

La Guardia’s Heir

Bill de Blasio has put forward some progressive policies as New York City mayor. But he’s also primed the pump for real estate and finance.



Education is not a design problem with a technical solution. It’s a social and political project neoliberals want to innovate away.

Paul Callan / Flickr

Questions about Chuy

Jesus “Chuy” Garcia’s campaign to replace Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel doesn’t present a real break from neoliberalism.

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