The Mexican Right Is at War With AMLO

The Mexican right knows it’s set to lose the upcoming midterm elections — that’s why it’s desperately trying to use the courts and the National Electoral Institute to wage war on President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s MORENA party.


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The Ruling Class

Erich Fromm and the Mass Psychology of Fascism

The German socialist philosopher Erich Fromm sought to explain the social psychology of right-wing authoritarianism after the Nazis drove him into exile. His work is full of valuable insights that can inform struggles for political and economic freedom today.

Jim Clyburn Is Wrong About FDR and the New Deal

Was the New Deal bad for black people? Rep. Jim Clyburn says it was. He’s wrong — and it’s time we set the record straight about both the New Deal’s real flaws and its overall hugely egalitarian impact on workers of all races, including black workers.

Never Trust a CEO Who Says They Want to Help

The Business Roundtable, a group of CEOs of major corporations, was lauded by mainstream media in 2019 for pledging to prioritize the common good over shareholders. Well, now they’re demanding to protect tax cuts that disproportionately enrich CEOs.