The Democratic Party isn’t a coalition — it’s a contradiction. And thanks to the conflict between Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow progressive House members and Nancy Pelosi, that contradiction, between a restive base demanding radical change and a hidebound leadership bent on moderation, is now visible for all to see.

On Medicare for All, Bernie Is Ready to Rumble

Bernie Sanders delivered a major speech on Medicare for All yesterday. He knows who his enemies are: the pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and their friends in elected office — and he’s spoiling for a fight with them.

Brazil’s Deflategate

Lula is Tom Brady during Deflategate. Judge Moro is the NFL and the odious Roger Goodell. Please let us explain and don’t unsubscribe from this fine magazine.


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The Zone Defense

What we need isn’t exclusionary zoning, inclusionary zoning, upzoning, downzoning, a zoning freeze, or no zoning at all. We need an anticapitalist planning movement.

Puerto Rico Rises

While ordinary Puerto Ricans were struggling to recover from Hurricane María, Governor Ricardo Rosselló was conspiring to hide the extent of the devastation and joking about killing political rivals in a Telegram chat. Now, those messages are all public — and the Puerto Rican people are ready for an alternative.

Not Everyone Can Buck the Trend

The son of Nigerian immigrants, Giannis Antetokounmpo has won acclaim in Greece, being named the NBA’s most valuable player. But Giannis’s story doesn’t prove that anyone who works hard can make it — rather, it shows how insane it is to let our parents’ nationality determine our life chances.

Bidencare Is a Scam

Biden’s new health care plan does little to address Obamacare’s failures and keeps alive a predatory private insurance industry. Medicare for All is still the only plan that guarantees health care as a human right.