Winter 2017

Issue 24

Out Now

Journey to the Dark Side

Nixon’s real crimes are not the petty ones of bribery and corruption which his fellow capitalists so hypocritically accuse him of. Our movement to dump Nixon must expose his real crimes against the people of Indochina, the Arab peoples and the people of Chile as well as the working and oppressed people here in the U.S. While these are not on Time Magazine’s or Senator Kennedy’s list of Nixon’s crimes, they must be added to our indictment of the Nixon government and the imperialist interests which he represents.

—“Dump Nixon! Stop the Fascist Tide!” The Call, Vol. 2, No. 3, December 1973

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Front Matters

A healthy start to a nutritious magazine.


The Soapbox

Letters & the Internet Speaks (print only)


“is this where we send in letters that get printed in the personals section of jacobin?”

— Moya Márquez, Los Angeles, CA

Party Lines

Now What?

We must organize around ideas that give people something to fight for, not just something to fight against.

Illustration by Michael DeForge

Means of Deduction

We got more graphs than Ross Perot.


Misery Index

The New Populists (print only)

Most of Donald Trump’s dream team walk and talk like run-of-the-mill Republicans.

The Vulgar Empiricist

What Nate Missed

Susan Kang

It wasn’t just bad math that led us to believe Trump would be defeated. It was a lack of political vision.

Illustration by Rául Soria


Out-of-context Gramsci quotes go here.

Illustration by Axel Pfaender

Reading Materiel

We read things you shouldn’t read, so we could tell you what to read.


Canon Fodder


Buying these books really messed up our Amazon recommendation algorithm.

Field Notes

Big Plans (print only)

Behind Trump’s big economic promises is a lot of bullshit.


Discover the Networks

The new GOP is fueled by some old think tanks.

Center for Security Policy (CSP)
The CSP was founded in 1988 by former Reagan administration Pentagon official Frank Gaffney, a far-right Islamophobic neocon who was behind the rumors that President Obama is a Muslim and that Hillary Clinton confidante Huma Abedin is a covert operative for the Muslim Brotherhood.
Illustration by Luca Battaglia

The Tumbrel

Righteous haterade against the great enemies of proletarian progress.



False Answers

Alex Press

The Clinton establishment has every interest in obscuring why they really lost in November.


Paleocons for Porn

Angela Nagle

The new online right draws on transgressive aesthetics to rebrand conservative politics. It’s a contradiction that won’t hold.


Kiss the Ring

Brendan James

After months of denouncing Trump, the rich and powerful realize they could use some Donald in their life after all.

Illustration by Marco Miccichè


Our work here is not yet done.


“What I’m doing is about as close
as you’re going to get
to the quality of Versailles.”

—Donald Trump