7 Articles by: Todd Chretien

Todd Chretien is an organizer, author, translator, and high school Spanish teacher. He has contributed to several books, including Socialist Strategy and Electoral Politics, and is editor of Eyewitnesses to the Russian Revolution.

Portland, Maine Voters Delivered a Series of Huge Working-Class Victories on Election Day

Democrats performed poorly on Election Day, but many working-class ballot measures won across the country — like in Portland, Maine, where a coalition of the Democratic Socialists of America, racial justice activists, labor, and others won victories on a $15 minimum wage, local Green New Deal measures, banning police use of facial recognition software, and rent control.

Over 4,000 Shipbuilding Workers Are on Strike in Maine

The Bath Iron Works strike of over 4,300 shipbuilding workers in Bath, Maine — by far the largest strike in the United States right now — is approaching its third week. Management has cut off health insurance, laid off over 200 members of a sister union local, ramped up subcontracting, and called in strikebreakers.