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Luke Savage is a staff writer at Jacobin.

The Energy Policy Culture War Is an Absurd Fantasy

What a surprise — the Texas energy disaster has been turned into a yet another culture war scrimmage field, pitting right-wing advocates of fossil fuels against liberal supporters of renewable energy. But the red vs. blue framing conceals something important: when it comes to the climate, Texans are far to the left of their representatives.

Joe Biden’s Climate Policies Are a Step Back From “Death Wish.” But We Need More Than That.

So far the Biden administration’s stated climate policies have shifted the US government from a stance of death-wish climate nihilism to one that resembles a typical center-right European government. But without a sharp move to the left on the economic aspects of climate transition, even that much progress won’t materialize.

How the Right Won a Postwar Counterrevolution in Economics

The Great Depression thoroughly discredited laissez-faire economics. But over the postwar decades, with the help of generous business funding and political connections, figures like Milton Friedman led a remarkable revival of nineteenth-century economic ideas. They did it by adopting a pseudo-populist rhetoric that celebrated individual choice and autonomy.

“I Pretty Much Immediately Discovered How Bad American Health Care Was”

Journalist Libby Watson started a newsletter to document the horrors of the US’s profit-driven health system. She spoke to us about the insurance industry’s windfall COVID-19 profits, Joe Biden’s phantom public option proposal, and how growing up with Britain’s National Health Service made her experiences with America’s grotesque system all the more enraging.