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David Sirota is editor-at-large at Jacobin. He edits the Too Much Information newsletter and previously served as a senior adviser and speechwriter on Bernie Sanders's 2020 presidential campaign.

Trump’s Labor Secretary Is Reaching Cartoonish Levels of Supervillainry

Donald Trump's labor secretary Eugene Scalia has been busy lately: 1. helping money managers shift workers’ retirement savings into high-risk private equity schemes to enrich Wall Street, 2. relaxing rules dictating that money managers work in clients' best interests, and 3. stopping the moving of workers’ savings into low-risk, environmentally sustainable investments.

Here Are 10 Things Democrats Could Do If They Actually Wanted to Stop Trump’s Power Grab

Democrats have done a miserable job of acting as an opposition party to Trump — but not because they don't have significant power to halt his authoritarianism. Here are 10 things Democrats could do to push back right now. If they don’t use their power, Democrats are complicit in Trump's barbarities.