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David Sirota is editor-at-large at Jacobin. He edits the Daily Poster newsletter and previously served as a senior adviser and speechwriter on Bernie Sanders's 2020 presidential campaign.

Andrew Cuomo Is New York’s Richard Nixon

Governor Andrew Cuomo is threatening retribution against progressive elected officials demanding answers about underreported COVID-19 deaths and his effort to help an industry group shield nursing home executives from liability. Between his cover-ups and his bullying, Cuomo might as well be New York’s Richard Nixon.

There’s Really No Need to Compromise, Joe

After whittling down the originally promised $2,000 checks to $1,400, Joe Biden is now saying he’s open to negotiating on the $1,400. Democrats need to stop preemptively compromising and use their electoral mandate to deliver immediate material benefits to workers.

The GOP’s Wealthy Funders Want You to Forget Their Role in Stoking Wednesday’s Riot at the Capitol

Corporate-backed conservative groups like the US Chamber of Commerce, the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity, and companies like Chevron have all issued statements decrying Wednesday’s occupation of the Capitol — without acknowledging the role they played in helping elect the politicians who egged on and fueled the attempt to overturn the presidential election.