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Ben Burgis is a philosophy professor and the author of Give Them An Argument: Logic for the Left. He does a segment called "The Debunk" every week on The Michael Brooks Show.

Let’s Stop Talking About the “Overton Window”

Socialists should be making well-thought-out proposals for a better future and building the class power to bring that program into reality. The idea that our purpose is simply “shifting the Overton window” by spouting the most radical-sounding slogans is an unhelpful distraction.

So You’re Still Being Publicly Shamed

The Right wants you to believe that a coddled, overly sensitive left is propping up cancel culture. But punitive, hyper-surveillant ways of interacting online are built into the structure of privately owned social media companies, and they’re practiced across the political spectrum. The Left must insist on a better way.

What Michael Brooks Meant to Me

Michael Brooks was one of the funniest, most intellectually curious human beings I’ve ever known. He was also deeply committed to creating a better world.


Your Boss Is Spying on You

With millions of people now working from their homes, frantic bosses are buying high-tech surveillance software to track their employees’ every keystroke. It’s the latest example of how capitalism is built on employer despotism.