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  • Issue No. 25
  • Spring 2017

By Taking Power

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Unfinished Business

May 22

  • Daniel Finn

The Bolivarian Revolution went too far for capitalism but not far enough for socialism.

Power for Capital's Sake

May 26

  • Belén Fernández

The 1984 Kissinger Commission shows that American intervention is a bipartisan project.

Tulsi Gabbard Is Not Your Friend

May 26

  • Branko Marcetic

Tulsi Gabbard is hailed as a progressive champion. But her views on Islam and support for far-right leaders suggest otherwise.

He Fought for the Union

May 26

  • Joe Allen

Jerry Zero, who fought the Teamsters old guard to build a more democratic union, left behind a complicated legacy.

Donald's Myths

May 25

  • Rune Møller Stahl
  • Bue Rübner Hansen

Liberals won't get anywhere fact-checking Donald Trump, because they have no powerful message of their own.

The Women of 1917

May 24

  • Megan Trudell

Women weren’t just the Russian Revolution’s spark, but the motor that drove it forward.

The Legacy of Vladimir Lenin

May 25

  • Tariq Ali

One hundred years after the Russian Revolution, Vladimir Lenin's ideas on democracy, terrorism, and revolution still matter.

Modernism or Barbarism

May 25

  • Benjamin Balthaser

The answer to the miseries of modernity isn't to reject modernity — it's to demand more of it.

Brazil's Crisis of Hegemony

May 24

  • Alfredo Saad-Filho
  • Armando Boito

Ruling class infighting is threatening the Temer administration. The Left must take advantage of this unprecedented moment.

The Stuff of Politics

May 24

  • Robbie Nelson

Giving people stuff isn't a bad thing. In fact, it’s the material basis of mass politics.

The Lost History of Antifa

May 08

  • Loren Balhorn

72 years after the triumph over Nazism, we look back to postwar Germany, when socialists gave birth to Antifa.

Inequality University

May 22

  • Freddie deBoer

Ivy League universities fuel social inequality at the same time public colleges are cut to the bone. They deserve to be dismantled.

Weaponizing Accreditation

May 24

  • Jeffrey Herlihy-Mera

University of Puerto Rico students are on strike against austerity — and in retribution, officials might terminate their school's accreditation.

The Continental Strikes

May 23

  • Marcelo Badaró

The history of general strikes in Brazil shows why last month's — the country's largest yet — was so vital.