Tea Party Yankees

Today’s Republican extremism owes more to the Constitution that established the Union than the secessionists who sundered it. It’s Hoover’s party — and Madison’s — not Calhoun’s.

“The Shift From the Unions”

A Twitter-friend and I have been batting around an analogy between the 1920s and the era we’re living through now. There’s the brief rise of a white Protestant right-populist movement (the KKK then, Tea Party now). There’s the likeness between Obama’s conservative brand of progressivism and that of Herbert Hoover — an analogy that was drawn […]

The Twinkie Defense, or What Does “Uncompetitive” Mean?

Comrade Frase offered his thoughts on the Hostess collapse the other day, and while I have my differences with his take, that’s not what I want to talk about here. What fascinates me about the  the bakery workers’ strike are all the reactions to it, and what they reveal about the worldview underlying our free […]

On Strike Debt: An Exchange with Andrew Ross

Dear Andrew, One of the things Occupy has been criticized for — and I’ll admit, I’ve been one of the critics — is a lack of focus on strategy or organizing. The debt campaign seems like a real effort to grapple with those problems — to figure out how the movement can expand its numbers […]

Liberals and Teachers: An “Examination on the Merits”

Matt Yglesias has a judicious take on teachers unions. Responding to a post by Doug Henwood asking why it is that liberals seem to hate organized teachers, Yglesias denies anything of the sort. what baffles me about these discussions is the tendency of labor’s alleged friends to simply refuse to look this reality in the face […]

Good Debt, Bad Debt

Let me inaugurate this, my blog, my very own blog, by pointing you to this excellent comment thread at Crooked Timber — which is such an ideal speech community that it actually features somebody named “Substance McGravitas” — where Mike Beggs’s review of David Graeber’s Debt is being debated as we speak. Having come to the […]

Seth Ackerman

Seth Ackerman is on the editorial board of Jacobin and a doctoral candidate in history at Cornell.