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The worst has yet to come

Recently, I proposed a few points about the conjuncture in Britain.  None of these were offered in the spirit of hard and fast conclusions, but the aim was to begin to explain the stability and longevity of the coalition government in the face of quite serious social resistance despite its obvious weaknesses.  One factor that […]

Predistribution: An Attack on the Social Wage

The Labour leader, Ed Miliband, has finally revealed what was twitching behind his curtain: predistribution.  Essentially, this means, rather than taxing the rich to fund welfare, the government should focus on making work pay more.  This neologism fails in every possible way as a political currency. First, this jarringly technocratic cadence speaks to no ‘common […]

Mad Dogs and Englishmen: Stuart Hall on Englishness

Stuart Hall, prelate of British cultural studies, has intervened in the Labour Party’s current debates about ‘Englishness’.  He is brief, but nonetheless interesting: “I talked to Cruddas about this … I think I understand his preoccupations rather more than Maurice Glasman’s. In a constituency like Cruddas’s, where you’re fighting the far right, you have to […]

Liberal Defence of Murder Relaunch

I was asked a few weeks ago to publish the text of a speech I gave at London’s prestigious Mosaic Rooms.  It was on the subject of The Liberal Defence of Murder, my book on the history of liberal justifications for war and empire, recently released in paperback.  This is the text I prepared, just […]

The Politics of Magical Capitalism

Nick Clegg, forever damned to be known as the wolf-eyed replicant of Sheffield Hallam, proposes an emergency tax on the wealthy. What is the emergency, one wonders?  Surely not a deficit of funding for public services.  Nick Clegg has been as avid a cutter, both of services and taxes on the rich, as his Tory […]

How Can the Left Win?

Until recently, the Left in most advanced capitalist societies was in a state of serious disorientation – thrown into this state by the very capitalist crisis that one would have expected to put the ruling class on the defensive.  The effects of this disorientation are only now beginning to fade, and the strategic difficulties remain.  […]