Fairfax County, USA

Hillary Clinton won rich suburbs in record numbers. But her campaign failed to mobilize workers of all races.

The Popular Populist

Bernie Sanders is the most-liked politician in the United States. What does that mean for the future of left politics here?

A Bernie Upset?

Can Bernie Sanders win the delegate battle? It won’t be easy  —  but here’s one way it could happen.

The Clinton Spin

Make no mistake: even a narrow Bernie Sanders victory in today’s New Hampshire primary would be an enormous upset.

The Bernie Coalition

In Iowa and New Hampshire, Barack Obama won over high-income liberals. Bernie Sanders’s campaign points in a different direction.

A Second Civil War

Like the abolitionists, Chris Hayes argues, climate activists must mount “a movement of dispossession.”

A Confederacy of Kidnappers

12 Years a Slave rightly grounds slavery in economic exploitation, but reflects our era’s painful uncertainty about how that exploitation can be opposed.

Dead White Reds

For today’s beleaguered left, it’s tempting to pine over the past. But the lives of two socialist intellectuals remind us that no one should be too nostalgic for the twentieth century.

Matt Karp

Matt Karp is an assistant professor of history at Princeton University and a Jacobin contributing editor.