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Leo Panitch

Leo Panitch is a professor of political science at York University and the co-editor of the Socialist Register. His latest book, with Sam Gindin, is The Making of Global Capitalism.

The Trump Way

Feb 10

  • Leo Panitch

What kind of economic agenda does Trump have in store for workers?

The Trump Way

Dec 22

  • Leo Panitch

Trump's infrastructure and jobs proposals might ruffle some establishment feathers, but he'll still be terrible for workers.

The Problem With CETA

Oct 29

  • Leo Panitch

Center-left politicians' championing of free trade will only fuel right-wing forces on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Syriza Dilemma

Jul 27

  • Sam Gindin
  • Leo Panitch

What would constructive pressure on the Syriza government look like?