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Leigh Phillips

Leigh Phillips is a science writer and EU affairs journalist. He is the author of Austerity Ecology & the Collapse-Porn Addicts.

Bill Gates, Crypto-Socialist?

Dec 23

  • Leigh Phillips

Bill Gates is right: the private sector is stifling innovation in green energy. But that's not the only place capitalism is holding us back.

Goodbye, Mr. Spock

Mar 02

  • Leigh Phillips

Leonard Nimoy's passing reminds us of the spirit of wonder and discovery represented by Spock and the Star Trek series.

The Solution is Democracy

Nov 05

  • Leigh Phillips

Democracy isn’t a barrier to solving global issues like climate change. It's humanity’s best hope.

Back on the Moon

Sep 24

  • Leigh Phillips

Capitalism isn't just killing the planet — it's keeping us on it.