Two Gay Weddings

The Argentine gay rights movement also fought for marriage equality. Why has it been so much more radical than the American one?

Stonewall Was a Wedding?

Are we done yet? Do we have to endure another full day of self-congratulation at Obama’s personal endorsement of same-sex marriage? His announcement was heralded with as much praise as last summer’s legalization of gay marriage in New York. And that was, you know, actual legislation. This is hardly surprising given the fact that marriage […]

The Stupidest Meme Ever

It was bad enough when Facebook was blinking with “sh*t [people] say” videos, and that horrible quick-cut cadence infiltrated my dreams. Maybe a technofuturist could take something positive out of those videos though, the fact that everyone’s got a video-enabled cell phone, and now we have a thousand hours of cops pepper spraying coeds, or […]

Pink Different

Before this week, you probably never gave much thought to where the Susan G. Komen Foundation gives its money. Not because you don’t care about ending breast cancer, which kills over 400,000 Americans each year, but because you were busy extricating yourself from a giant pile of pink consumer crap. Who has time to read […]

Solidarity Forever

An editor of this rag recently admonished lefties for their enthusiastic adoption of “precariat,” a blanket term for workers with little-to-no job security. In Sunkara’s estimation, a word that encompasses both graphic designers and migrant farm workers elides too many differences to be theoretically useful. He points out that even Dissent — that staid bastion of social […]

Kate Redburn

Kate Redburn is a contributing editor at Jacobin and a PhD student in history at Yale University.