The Liberty Swindle

The choice between Donald Trump and Gary Johnson is a choice between austerity with an angry face and austerity with a vacant one.

Ortega’s Next Term

Daniel Ortega is still despised by the Right. But that doesn’t mean Nicaraguans have much to look forward to in his next term.

Bring It On

No wonder Trump is afraid — a debate with Bernie Sanders would show who’s really on the side of working people.

Labor for Trump?

For anyone familiar with New York City’s correction officers’ union, their affection for Donald Trump comes as no surprise.

Kingfish Down

Huey Long was assassinated 80 years ago. Whatever its appeal, his populism offered no real alternative for ordinary workers.

Jonah Walters

Jonah Walters is a researcher at Jacobin and a graduate student in geography at Rutgers University.