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Jonah Walters

Jonah Walters is a researcher at Jacobin and a graduate student in geography at Rutgers University.

Red Is the New Red, White, and Blue

May 23

  • Jonah Walters

Chinese investments in Latin America have skyrocketed over the past ten years. But not everyone is thrilled about the new superpower in the region.

Remembering Sandino

Mar 07

  • Jonah Walters

The Nicaraguan nationalist was assassinated eighty-three years ago last month.

Blood on His Hands

Dec 09

  • Jonah Walters

As head of SOUTHCOM, Trump’s pick for Homeland Security secretary facilitated atrocities across the Americas.

Can They Count?

Nov 29

  • Jonah Walters

Blaming third-party voters for Trump's win isn't just bad politics. It's bad math.