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David Broder

David Broder is a translator and a member of the Historical Materialism editorial board. He lives in Rome, where he is researching a PhD on dissident communists in the Italian Resistance.

A Partisan Mayor

May 08

  • David Broder

A look back at the "French Tito," partisan militant Georges Guingouin.

Assessing Togliatti

Mar 16

  • David Broder

Palmiro Togliatti helped build the Italian Communist Party into the envy of the European left. But just how tangible was his Italian road to socialism?

Being Anti-Trump Isn’t Enough

Feb 10

  • David Broder

Silvio Berlusconi’s tenure reminds us that the Left needs to attack the neoliberal center, not just the populist right.

“Everything Will Change”

Dec 05

  • David Broder

Yes, the defeat of Renzi's constitutional reform was a victory. And no, it won't condemn Italy to right-wing authoritarianism.

Taking Back Control

Jul 27

  • David Broder

Old ways of thinking about mass democratic politics won't cut it in today's globalized, atomized society.