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David Broder is Jacobin’s Europe editor and a historian of French and Italian communism.

Italy’s “National Unity” Government Is the Cutting Edge of Post-Democratic Governance

Mario Draghi’s new Italian government has been hailed for uniting all political forces from the center-left to the hard-right Lega. Yet the adulation of the former European Central Bank chief as a “national savior” continues a trend elevating technocratic economic decisions above democratic choice — and it’s working-class Italians who’ll suffer.

Poland’s Massive Pro-Choice Protests Can Change the Whole Political Agenda

In recent days, Poland has seen its biggest protests in decades, with strikes and demonstrations against the harshened abortion ban. As MP Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk tells Jacobin, the movement is a lightning rod for frustrations at the country’s hard-right government — and can finally put women’s hardships at the center of the political agenda.