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Cinzia Arruzza

Cinzia Arruzza is an assistant professor of philosophy at the New School.

The First Strike

Apr 06

  • Cinzia Arruzza

March's Women's Strike was an electric first step towards forging a new feminist movement.

What the Women’s Strike Means

Mar 02

  • Cinzia Arruzza
  • Tithi Bhattacharya

The International Women's Strike is about taking on the degradations of capitalism in all spheres of life.

Resistance Is on the Agenda

Feb 01

  • Cinzia Arruzza
  • Johanna Brenner
  • Nancy Holmstrom

Three socialist feminists reflect on the Women's March and what comes next in the movement to resist Trump.

Democracy Against Neoliberalism

Dec 05

  • Cinzia Arruzza

Matteo Renzi’s constitutional reform was politically illegitimate in method and antidemocratic in content. We should celebrate its rejection.

The Dangers of Anti-Trumpism

Nov 21

  • Cinzia Arruzza

Silvio Berlusconi's tenure as Italian prime minister shows how not to resist an authoritarian demagogue.