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Working for the Weekend

Putting full employment at the center of a new left-wing strategy. Last spring, as the U.S. economy entered another period of slowdown and unemployment levels in the Eurozone hit record highs, a Internet meme called “Old Economy Steven” started making rounds. Most memes are frivolous endeavors, devoted to exploiting cats for comedic purposes or projecting […]

The State of Our Unions

In what has become something of a masochistic ritual, for the last week I have been eagerly awaiting the release of the annual report on union membership in the U.S., which the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases every year at the end of January. To my surprise, this year’s report was not as grim as I had expected it to be. In […]

Cuomo’s New Clothes?

If you want evidence that the Occupy Wall Street protests have already had a salutary effect on politics and policy making in the U.S., look no further than the state where the movement was born: New York. In a surprising development, Gov. Andrew Cuomo will convene a special legislative session this week to work toward […]

“We Won’t Pay”

Peter Frase’s great post on some of the issues raised in the Graeber-Henwood exchange on debt reminded me of a point that kept cropping up in their discussion. The moral and political dimensions of the debtor-creditor relationship, Graeber observed, do not possess the same characteristics in all times and places. They are mediated by the […]

Chris Maisano

Chris Maisano is the chair of the Democratic Socialists of America's New York City local and a Jacobin contributing editor.