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Virulence and Contagiousness

Deadly pathogens may kill their host before the host has a chance to pass on the pathogen. That’s why there tends to be a trade-off between virulence and contagiousness.


We Need Better Drugs

We’re in a race with bacteria to develop new classes of antibiotics. The free market isn’t helping.


A Pandemic Foretold

Thirty years ago, an urgent report about microbial threats to public health was ignored by policymakers.


Weekends With Ana Kasparian and Michael Brooks

This Saturday at 1 PM Eastern, we’re debuting a live YouTube show, “Weekends,” hosted by Ana Kasparian and Michael Brooks. Liberals are hypocrites, conservatives are cruel, but we have an alternative.


We’re Doing Seven Live Videos This Week

From discussing what a socialist economy could look like in the 21st century to why we should be wary of "woke neoliberalism" to Matt Bruenig on the Nordic model and more – we're doing a ton of live videos this week. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and tune in!