Uneven & Combined

FALL 2015 | ISSUE 19

“It took several hundred years for feudalism to be finally wiped out and capitalism to emerge as the new dominant mode of production and it will take several hundred years for capitalism to be finally wiped out before socialism becomes the new dominant mode.”

—Maurice Bishop

“We are fighting so that insults may no longer rule our countries, martyred and scorned for centuries, so that our peoples may never more be exploited by imperialists not only by people with white skin, because we do not confuse exploitation or exploiters with the colour of men’s skins; we do not want any exploitation in our countries, not even by black people.”

—Amilcar Cabral


Nicole Aschoff


Martina Paukova

The Master’s Tools

The Power of a Dollar

Milford Bateman

Microcredit is nothing more than a socially validated way for financial elites to exploit the poor.

With Strings Attached

Melisa Handl and Susan Spronk

Latin America’s conditional cash transfer programs don’t offer a real answer to poverty and inequity.

The Philanthropy Hustle

Linsey McGoey

Global North or South, private foundations are part of the problem, not the solution.

The Master’s Apprentices

China Fantasies

Ho-fung Hung

Illusions on both the Left and Right about China miss how the contradictions of capitalism are shaping that country’s development.

The New Scramble for Africa

Pádraig Carmody

The BRICS powers aren’t anti-colonial counterweights. They’re looking for new markets and resources for their corporations, just like Western countries.

South Africa Doesn't Need a “Lula Moment”

Benjamin Fogel

A real political alternative in South Africa will come from powerful social movements — not charismatic leaders.

The Worst Company in the World

Judith Marshall

Brazil’s Vale corporation masks brutal exploitation with the language of South-South solidarity.

Small Is Not Beautiful

Thinking Small

Daniel Immerwahr

Decades of US-backed community development programs have left behind a disastrous economic and political legacy.

Development From Below

Vivek Chibber

Capitalists are interested in profit, not development. Only workers can empower the Global South.

“Only strength can cooperate.
Weakness can only beg.”

—Dwight D. Eisenhower