Struggle and Progress

Not Waiting for Deliverance

Sep 14

  • Amy Dru Stanley

Even before the Thirteenth Amendment was ratified, enslaved women struggled for the passage of the Enlistment Act of 1865 and their own emancipation.

The Douglass Option

Sep 10

  • Seth Ackerman

Frederick Douglass believed there was an alternative. So should we.

Race to Nowhere

Aug 31

  • Kenneth W. Warren

For over a century, black elites have pushed improved “race relations” instead of redistribution as the solution to inequality.

America’s First Red Scare

Aug 24

  • Andre Fleche

For many of its ideologues, a slaveholding Confederacy was meant to be a bulwark against radical politics of all stripes.

Killing Reconstruction

Aug 19

  • Heather Cox Richardson

During Reconstruction, elites used racist appeals to silence calls for redistribution and worker empowerment.

Struggle and Progress

Aug 17

  • Eric Foner

Eric Foner on the abolitionists, Reconstruction, and winning “freedom” from the Right.

The Second American Revolution

Aug 17

  • Bruce Levine

The Civil War inaugurated a titanic revolution that within years brought slavery to an end and broke the planter class.