Between the Risings

Between King and Kaiser

Jun 21

  • Brian Hanley

The Great War spurred the separatist movement, but it also blurred the lines between nationalism and socialism on the Irish left.

Our Struggle Too

Jun 09

  • Mary McAuliffe

Ireland’s revolutionary women made the fight for emancipation their own.

Defending the Faith

May 31

  • Gerard Madden

The Catholic Church waged a century-long war against the Irish left.

The Catholic Cure for Poverty

May 27

  • Sarah-Anne Buckley

Through the twentieth century, Irish elites treated poverty as a moral failing — and built a brutal carceral state to correct it.

Labour in Name Only

May 03

  • Niamh Puirseil

Despite its working-class roots, the Irish Labour Party never became an effective vehicle for social democracy.

Left Behind by Good Friday

Apr 25

  • Bernadette Devlin-McAliskey

Bernadette Devlin on her early activism and why the Good Friday Agreement brought some peace, but little justice.

Ghosts of the Paris Commune

Apr 14

  • Donal Fallon

The methods and politics of the Paris Commune served as inspiration for Easter Rising leaders like James Connolly.

Red Flag Times

Apr 14

  • Emmet O’Connor

In the years after the Easter Rising, Ireland saw a wave of worker militancy.

Between the Risings

Apr 14

  • Ronan Burtenshaw

As Ireland celebrates the centenary of 1916, the conditions on the island offer possibilities for socialist politics not seen in one hundred years.

The Red and the Green

Apr 14

  • Eoin Ó Broin

Sinn Féin wants to be more than an opposition force — it wants to lead Ireland’s first progressive government.

The Adaptable Sinn Féin

Apr 14

  • Daniel Finn

Over its long history, Sinn Féin has shown itself to be a left-nationalist party that is more nationalist than left.

Ireland’s Unfinished Revolution

Mar 28

  • Ronan Burtenshaw & Seán Byers

The revolutionary period sparked by the 1916 Easter Rising offered a vision of a truly democratic Ireland.