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A Musician for the Class Struggle

Italian composer Luigi Nono’s career told the story of European communism writ large: brash and revolutionary at the height of the 1960s and ‘70s, reflective and uncertain as the Italian Communist Party collapsed and the possibility of radical change receded. His life is a reminder that no artist is free from the politics of our time.

Please Don’t Embarrass Our Apartheid State

When Netanyahu’s education minister defended “gay conversion therapy” and called for the entire West Bank's annexation, critics condemned only the homophobia. Apartheid's defenders don’t give a damn about the oppressed — they're just embarrassed when the far right undermines their pinkwashing of a brutal, illegal occupation.

Meet the New Boss (But It’s Literally the Same Person)

The European Union is so hostile to democracy that its new leadership is entirely made of people who have already been in power for years. It doesn’t matter if their policies ruined millions of lives — the only requirement was being on the side of the wealthy.

The Democratic Party Is a Contradiction

The Democratic Party isn’t a coalition — it’s a contradiction. And thanks to the conflict between Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow progressive House members and Nancy Pelosi, that contradiction, between a restive base demanding radical change and a hidebound leadership bent on moderation, is now visible for all to see.

Brazil’s Deflategate

Lula is Tom Brady during Deflategate. Judge Moro is the NFL and the odious Roger Goodell. Please let us explain and don’t unsubscribe from this fine magazine.

A Betrayal of New York City Carpenters

New York carpenters are facing a disastrous two-tier contract filled with cuts for new workers. Rank-and-file carpenters have to fight back against the union leaders who rammed it down their throats.

On Medicare for All, Bernie Is Ready to Rumble

Bernie Sanders delivered a major speech on Medicare for All yesterday. He knows who his enemies are: the pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and their friends in elected office — and he's spoiling for a fight with them.

Puerto Rico Rises

While ordinary Puerto Ricans were struggling to recover from Hurricane María, Governor Ricardo Rosselló was conspiring to hide the extent of the devastation and joking about killing political rivals in a Telegram chat. Now, those messages are all public — and the Puerto Rican people are ready for an alternative.