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Canada in the Age of Working-Class Power

In the 1970s, Canada’s working class was at the height of its power, combining shop-floor militancy, political ambition, and intellectual confidence. Canada’s liberal elites, led by Pierre Trudeau, were determined to crush it.

Finding Marielle Franco’s Killers

The investigation into the murder of Marielle Franco keeps bumping up against the most powerful people in Brazil — like President Jair Bolsonaro. They don’t want us to find out the truth.

Taking the Fight to CUNY

The City University of New York system has been ravaged by austerity. Educators have gone on strike throughout the country, but CUNY employees are hamstrung by anti-strike laws. CUNY’s biggest union wants to change that.

An End to the Darkness

In recent decades the Kurdish New Year has become a festival of resistance against tyranny. This year’s celebrations coincide with victory over the Islamic State.

Red for Higher Ed

Tens of thousands of University of California workers are on strike today. Their message is clear: austerity and privatization are destroying education.