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Biden Our Time

Cover Art by Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva
What was really exciting and important about Corbyn was not the prospect of him winning the next election ... Whether he won or not, the limits on his government would have been immense. And the same applies to Sanders. The important thing is the new generation that has been galvanized, and that generation is committed to trying to discover, through the course of the twenty-first century, a democratic path to socialist transformation. And increasingly, I think, the need for that will become obvious, because the logic of capitalism today is producing the type of ecological crisis that could only be solved by democratic-socialist planning. So the attempt to discover this by the new generation is incredibly important — whether they will, in fact, discover how to do this, only time will tell.
— Leo Panitch, Jacobin, January 2020

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Front Matters

Front Matters

Stand Up, Chuck, Let ‘Em See You!

Party Lines

Chris Maisano

A Left That Matters

Our still small but growing socialist movement now has a chance to make a real impact.

Friends & Foes

Meagan Day

The Indifferent and the Defiant

Battered by poverty and coronavirus, South Texas should have been deep blue turf for Joe Biden. It wasn’t. But in the Rio Grande Valley, the story is less about growing conservatism than about the rise of nonvoting — and despair.

Means of Deduction

Means of Deduction

Amtrak Train to Nowhere

Vulgar Empiricist

The Center for Working-Class Politics

The 2020 Presidential Election and Working-Class Voters

Our findings suggest that the 2020 presidential election represented a continued shift in the base of the Democratic Party from one rooted in working-class voters to a coalition that’s highly concentrated in high-income suburbs.

Reading Materiel

Reading Materiel

I Think I Have a Much Higher IQ Than You, I Suspect

Canon Fodder

Daniel Bessner

Don’t Trust the Process

From his new memoir, it’s clear that Barack Obama believes process is politics. But no amount of “process” will solve the problems that plague us — for that, we need the political will he could never muster as president.

Canon Fodder

Chris Maisano

Secession Planning

A looser union with more room for state and regional autonomy, as two recent books advocate, would cede much of America to the mercies of the Right.

Field Notes

When Biden Met Hillarycare

Records from the Clinton presidential archive give a revealing — and unflattering — look at the triangulating politics of Senator Joe Biden.


Arthur Borriello and Anton Jäger

Don’t count right-wing populism out. While technocrats have seen their fortunes rise under lockdown, the sense of national decline and disarray that first brought leaders like Donald Trump to power still has a bright future.


Arielle Castillo

Welcome to The Villages, where not even the coronavirus can keep retirees from their steady diet of sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, and Donald Trump.

Illustration by Hunter French

The Biden Doctrine 


Nicole Aschoff

As president, Donald Trump launched broadsides against the liberal international order. Will Joe Biden be able to put America “back at the head of the table” once in office?

Illustration by Mark Pernice


Matt Karp

The mass inequality of America’s first Gilded Age thrived on identity-based partisanship, helping extinguish the fires of class rage. In 2021, we’re headed down the same path.

Illustration by Rose Wong
Cultural Capital

Cultural Capital

Make Sure You Have the Record Player on at Night

Red Channels

Paris Marx

Nomads in Search of a Villain

The new film Nomadland is a heartfelt look at the lives of itinerant Americans cast aside by the Great Recession. But it ignores how employers like Amazon are raking in profits off this new class of worker.

Illustration by Cat Sims

Ways of Seeing

Ryan Zickgraf

Cyberpunk Needs a Reboot 

Cyberpunk once stood out as a vital genre of anti-capitalist fiction. Today, it’s been reduced to a cool retro aesthetic easily appropriated by the world’s second-richest man to market ugly Blade Runner–inspired trucks to nostalgia-drenched Gen Xers.

The Tumbrel

The Tumbrel

Corn Pop’s Straight Razor


Dustin Guastella

Everyone Hates the Democrats 

Progressives and moderates accuse each other of being unable to appeal to working-class voters — and maybe they’re both right.


J. C. Pan

Why the Alt-Right Will Lose 

Thankfully, almost nobody likes a Nazi, and even fewer still like a Nazi steeped in a creepy online subculture.



God Love Ya

Popular Front

Alex N. Press

Building From the Ruins

The Left needs a revived labor movement, and a revived labor movement needs the Left.

Popular Front

Natalie Shure

Medicare for All: No Victory in Sight

As the Trump era draws to a close and yesteryear’s centrist, Joe Biden, takes office, can the Medicare for All movement build the momentum it needs to win?

Means and Ends

Vivek Chibber

Leo Panitch (1945–2020)

We’ve suffered an irreparable loss with the passing of our friend and comrade Leo Panitch.