Articles by: Dawn Foster

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Dawn Foster is a Jacobin staff writer, a columnist for the Guardian, and the author of Lean Out.

When Workers Take Over

An unusual British retailer is handing over ownership of the company to its workers. It’s a reminder that worker control can work — but don’t expect many other firms to follow suit.

Target: Corbyn

Amid the political chaos of Brexit, video has emerged of British army soldiers using a photo of Jeremy Corbyn for target practice. It’s just the latest sign that the UK is facing a mounting threat from the far right.

Burying Bloody Sunday

Just one former British soldier will face charges in the 1972 Bloody Sunday Massacre — a travesty of justice that comes amid a disturbing resurgence of nationalist jingoism in Brexit Britain.

The Reopening of the Irish Question

The historic prospect of Irish unification is now greater than it has been in decades. But it won’t succeed unless campaigners offer a clear and compelling picture of what a united Ireland will look like.