Issue 27: The First Red Century

What should we make of the October Revolution and the legacy of state socialism in the 20th century?

Issue 26: Earth, Wind, & Fire

Our climate change issue couldn't come at a more crucial time. "Earth, Wind, & Fire" grapples with just how we could respond to global warming.

Issue 25: By Taking Power

Our beautiful spring issue focuses on the triumphs and shortcomings of Latin America's Pink Tide governments.

Issue 24: Journey to the Dark Side

Where did Trump come from? And what does his election mean for the United States and the world? You have questions, we have answers.

Issue 23: The Party We Need

Featuring over 170 pages on what kind of political party we need and why we don't have one yet.

Issue 22: Rank and File

Our labor issue, covering the decline of the American union movement and what it would take to revive it.

Issue 21: Between the Risings

Covering the Irish revolutionary period and the reaction that followed, as well as the prospects for a resurgence of the Left in Ireland.

Issue 20: Up From Liberalism

120 beautiful pages covering the decline of the welfare state and new challenges to Third Way politics.

Issue 19: Uneven and Combined

We look at development in the Global South, the rise of the BRICS, and the disastrous role that neoliberal policy has played.

Issue 18: Struggle and Progress

Marks the 150th anniversary of Union victory and the unfinished Second American Revolution. Contributions from Eric Foner, Heather Richardson, Adolph Reed, Bruce Levine, and many more.

Issue 17: Ours to Master

Contributions from Nicole Aschoff, Peter Frase, Megan Erickson, Guy Rundle, Eden Medina, among many others and centering on technology and politics.

Issue 15-16: Paint the Town Red

164 pages on the capitalist city, the workers who live in them, and the chances to make something better. Featuring essays from Mike Davis, Johanna Brenner, and others.

Issue 14: A World to Win

Our special section on strategy features four pieces, each representing distinct tendencies on the Left.

Issue 13: Alive in the Sunshine

Essays on the Left and the environment, politics in the Arab Gulf, genetic engineering, the future of the office, and more.

Issue 11-12: Misery Index

A double issue featuring special sections on intellectual property and the lineages of two giants of political economy: Marx and Keynes.

Issue 10: Assembly Required

Our longest issue to date, with contributions from Megan Erickson, Nicole Aschoff, and Sarah Jaffe, and a special section on Palestine.

Issue 9: Modify Your Dissent

Peter Frase pens an editorial documenting the rise and fall of the Baffler magazine. And Seth Ackerman's explores the economics of a feasible socialism.

Issue 7-8: American Jacobins

Special double issue with essays from Robin Blackburn, James Oakes, Mike Beggs, Melissa Gira Grant, Belén Fernández, and many more.

Issue 6: Praxis

Essays from Mark Ames, Mike Konzcal, Belén Fernández, Peter Frase, Megan Erickson, Mike Beggs, and many more.

Issue 5: Phase Two

Special Occupy! issue.

Issue 3-4: Liberalism is Dead

Essays on the sad faith of American liberalism, the arrogance of Marxist economists; plus, a special contribution from Slavoj Žižek.

Issue 2: And Yet It Moves

Essays on the American right's Constitution fetish, the United Farm Workers, imperialism after empire, and why we should "storm the Ivies."

Issue 1: Introducing

Featuring interviews with best-selling authors Walter Benn Michaels and Azar Nafisi.