Issue 3-4: Liberalism is Dead

Responsible Imperialism

Between 1836 and 1909, the British Empire grew to take in New Zealand, much of Australia, Fiji, New Guinea, Southern Africa (beyond the Cape), and much more — from 2,824,040 square miles to 12,700,000. As we now know, imperial rule tore the lives of millions of native peoples apart, uprooting them from the land, pushing […]

Rosa’s Mail

Reading The Letters of Rosa Luxemburg one sometimes feels like a voyeur. Tender love notes are mixed in with daily triumphs and tragedies, accounts of visits with friends, what was had for breakfast, nervous missives to one lover written while hiding from another, romantic longings, and multiple self-deprecating jokes about her small stature and ungainly looks.

An Unauthenticated Avant-Garde

The paintings in the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art’s winter exhibition, Orphan Paintings: Unauthenticated Art of the Russian Avant-Garde were found, as if in a time capsule filled with Adorno’s fantasies of late capitalism, in an “unclaimed shipping container in German customs.” Subsequently, Ron Pollard, an architectural photographer in Denver, came across the inventory of […]

Two Steps Back

“No coarser insult, no baser defamation, can be thrown against the workers than the remark, ‘Theoretical controversies are for the intellectuals’ ” —Rosa Luxemburg, Reform or Revolution (1900) “Since there can be no talk of an independent ideology formulated by the working masses themselves in the process of their movement the only choice is — either […]

The Power of Nonsense

“The only ‘realistic’ prospect is to ground a new political universality by opting for the impossible, fully assuming the place of the exception, with no taboos, no a priori norms (‘human rights,’ ‘democracy’), respect for which would prevent us from ‘resignifying’ terror, the ruthless exercise of power, the spirit of sacrifice . . . if this radical […]

The Frick Collection at 75

The Frick Collection is celebrating its seventy-fifth anniversary this year. To commemorate opening its doors in 1935 the Collection is showing a few elevation sketches of the building’s transformation from the home of Henry Clay Frick into the museum we see today. The only other addition is a new orientation film, which “tells the story […]

How Can the Left Win?

Until recently, the Left in most advanced capitalist societies was in a state of serious disorientation — thrown into this state by the very capitalist crisis that one would have expected to put the ruling class on the defensive.  The effects of this disorientation are only now beginning to fade, and the strategic difficulties remain.  […]

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Cheap

About once an hour during the summer I spent working at Video Spectrum — a rental house in Bowling Green, Ohio — someone would burst through the door and demand a film that had been released in theaters the day before. Staggered release dates, a business technique as simple as it is well established, continually […]

Issue 3-4

Liberalism is Dead