Issue 1: Introducing…

“Native Informer”: An Interview with Azar Nafisi

Azar Nafisi is the author of the bestseller Reading Lolita in Tehran and most recently Things I’ve Been Silent About. She was kind enough to field a wide-ranging interview with Jacobin earlier this month. After the success of Reading Lolita in Tehran you were attacked by some intellectuals on the Left, Hamid Debashi, among others. He called you “the […]

The Purveyor of Half Measures

Each great essayist has a quip about the two-party system. I. F. Stone wrote that it appears “like those magic black and white squares which look like a staircase at one moment and a checkerboard the next. Sometimes the two parties seem very distinct and sometimes they seem very much alike.” Gore Vidal put it more […]

Take This Job and Share It

The one-sided focus of most socialists on distributional questions has obscured the fact that the animating principle of the Left is not so much equality, but freedom.

The End of the World (print only)

There are five years left to save the planet.” That is what the World Wildlife Fund said — three years ago — so by 2012, it is all over. Some were a bit more optimistic. Volcanologist Bill McGuire, of the UK Government’s Natural Hazard Working Group gave us seven years to save the planet, and that […]

Resenting Hipsters

The fetishization of work feeds the politics of resentment. It's time to instead embrace the language of economic and social rights.

Salem’s Hidden Valleys

Nestled among deliberately amateurish photos of blowjobs and hipster junkies at the Museo Universitario del Chopo was a cluster of photos entitled “Hidden Valley.” Ugly teens rode BMXs, fucked around with paintball guns, popped pills and smacked one another with a stick in a barren field between a parking lot and a housing development. Suddenly, […]

Issue 1