Issue 10: Assembly Required

When the Union’s the Boss

While some level of personal sacrifice on the part of union organizers is inevitable, that can’t justify rendering them powerless over their own workplace conditions.

A Day Without Care

What does it mean to strike when “production” isn’t the production of widgets, but care for children, the ill, disabled, or elderly?

The Oslo Illusion

The Oslo Accords weren’t a failure for Israel — they served as a fig leaf to consolidate and deepen its control over Palestinian life.

The Problem of Sex

Without radical change, disquiet finds other outlets. Dystopic visions have replaced Shulamith Firestone and Adrienne Rich’s utopian ones.

Truth Told Through Lies

Zero Dark Thirty is a film that didn’t need to be made — it strives for realism, but ends up rehashing Bush-era tropes about the ‘war on terror.’

A Dishonest Umpire

Two-state proponents argue that comprehensive peace is only possible with deeper American involvement in the process. They couldn't be more wrong.

Issue 10

Assembly Required