Issue 5: Phase Two

Issue 5

Working Time and Feminism

The alternative is to change our view of what kind of work is socially valuable and to recognize that what happens outside of wage labor should be held in equal esteem.

Planet of Fields

In a crisp vignette, the urban planner and social critic Lewis Mumford asked, “What is a City?” He answered: the city is a “Geographic plexus, an economic organization, an institutional process, a theater of social action, and an aesthetic symbol of collective unity . . . It fosters art and is art; the city creates the theater and […]

Hipsterizing #OWS

The Occupy protests galvanized a dormant spirit of American pro-test, but they have also prompted a certain amount of skeptical condescension. Even as the term “occupy” has shed its anticapitalist overtones and entered the vernacular as a zeitgeist-y term for the enthusiastic willingness to get involved with anything (“Occupy Wawa!” “Occupy this gym’s air conditioning!”), […]

Occupy Beyoncé

D on’t call it an occupation — they’ve been here for years. In fact, until an untimely — well, actually quite timely for DC’s ravenous real estate developers — fire put it out of commission, there were a bunch of guys occupying space in front of the DC Farmer’s Market building, across from Gallaudet University in […]

Who Killed Ekaru Loruman?

Ekaru Loruman lay beneath a flat-topped acacia tree, its latticework of branches casting a soft mesh of shade upon his body. He wore a silver earring and khaki shorts, and lay on his side with his arm twisted awkwardly beneath him. The left side of Ekaru’s forehead was gone, blown away by the exit of […]

Hack the Planet

It seemed obvious that someone was coordinating the national crackdown on occupations, but I always figured it was the FBI or the Department of Homeland Security. The revelation of the truth – that a non-governmental organization called the Police Executive Research Forum has been hosting calls between mayors and providing advice based on anti-protest tactics […]

Paint It White

On October 5, there were two tragedies. The first, under cover of twilight in New York City, unfolded after a thousands-strong Occupy Wall Street march against economic inequality. Some occupiers thought they might take their first amendment rights for a stroll down Wall Street, a public street, and got pepper sprayed, thrown on the concrete, and […]