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Issue 9: “Modify Your Dissent” Now Online

Dear Readers,
I’m pleased to announce the release of our latest issue. It features some of our finest essays yet and clocks in at over 70 pages. Particular standouts include Peter Frase’s rumination on the decline of the Baffler magazine, a publication more fit for the snark-filled 90s than the promise of our own era, and Seth Ackerman’s long exegesis on the economics of a feasible socialism.


New Issue Available

We’ve been sitting on our new issue for some time now waiting for a web redesign to foist it on the world along with new bloggers – Corey Robin and Richard Seymour, among them. But we’ve had some snags.


[VIDEO] Student Debt Serfdom

As of today, the total level of U.S. student debt is estimated to have passed $1 trillion. To mark the occasion, the Occupy Student Debt campaign has planned 1T Day, centering on a “debt jubilee” that will be presided over by Reverend Billy in NYC’s Union Square at 4 p.


[preview] Table of Contents


Editor’s Note
Bhaskar Sunkara
Don’t call it a comeback. Months ago, at the height of last winter’s Occupy eruption, I wrote that we were “in the last throes of the era of Ezra Klein.



We can await Ezra Klein’s downfall, but the future may not have shit to do with us either.


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