Illustration by Sergio Membrillas for Jacobin

Bad Science

Free-market academic research policies have unleashed medical quackery and scientific fraud, forcing consumers to pay premiums for discoveries we’ve already funded as taxpayers.

Illustration by Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch

Pink Collar

When writers attack bad PR, the un­spoken heart of their criticism is the failure on the part of the publicist to adequately conceal that she is performing emotional work for money.

Illustration by Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch

Waiting for SCOTUS

By fixating on the Supreme Court, liberals have inherited the framers’ skepticism of popular sovereignty and mass politics.

Bain News Service / Library of Congress

The Bad Kind of Unionism

When police unions have widened their gaze beyond issues like compensation and working conditions, it’s been almost exclusively to conservative ends.

Illustration by Edward Carvalho-Monaghan

Alive in the Sunshine

There’s no way toward a sustainable future without tackling environmentalism’s old stumbling blocks: consumption and jobs. And the way to do that is through a universal basic income.


There’s a Gene for That

History is littered with horrifying examples of the misuse of evolutionary theory to justify power and inequality. Welcome to a new age of biological determinism.

Illustration by Leslie A. Wood

In the Name of Love

“Do what you love” is the mantra for today’s worker. Why should we assert our class interests if, according to DWYL elites like Steve Jobs, there’s no such thing as work?

Illustrations by Erin Schell

The Myth of the Hardhat Hawk

In the popular imagination, opposition to the Vietnam War was driven largely by the privileged, while supposedly reactionary blue-collar workers supported the war effort. That memory is wrong.