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The Colombian Government Against the Campesinos

The Colombian government promised to invest in rural areas as part of the country's peace process. But the elite-friendly projects it's pushing are undermining the livelihoods of local residents — and threatening the peace process itself.

Why the Labor Movement Needs the Left

A longtime union organizer explains why socialists have a critical role to play in building the labor movement. We should pursue three tasks in unions: encouraging rank-and-file militancy, building an independent political infrastructure, and developing workers’ consciousness.

Bring a Book

Socialism’s detractors love to natter on about long lines, but under capitalism, we wait around endlessly.

Women at the Heart of the Revolution

Alexandra Kollontai and her comrades founded the Zhenotdel in 1918 in order to ensure women’s full participation in Soviet society. Its efforts to liberate women in Muslim Central Asia showed the revolution’s emancipatory promise — and the dangers of imposing change without the active support of the oppressed.

DSA Is Leading the Charge

Socialism is moving from the margins to the center of American politics. After the Democratic Socialists of America’s convention in Atlanta last weekend, DSA is better positioned than ever to lead the socialist charge.

Socialize Lab Meat

Meat is killing the planet, but Americans are unlikely to give it up. Lab meat could be our best hope of winning tens of millions of American meat eaters over to a Green New Deal — if that lab meat can be socialized.

How the US Created Violent Chaos in Honduras

The US-backed coup in Honduras ten years ago spawned a maelstrom of violence that terrorized ordinary Hondurans and forced caravans of migrants to flee the country. It was just another instance of US imperialism wreaking havoc on the world.

Why the Bronx Burned

There’s a popular narrative that blames the blight and decline of the South Bronx in the 1970s on the working-class people who lived there. But a new film shows that it was landlords and the state who were responsible for the famous fires that ravaged the Bronx.