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Chileans Are Hungry for an Alternative to Neoliberalism

After continuous mass protests in Chile, left forces in the country may be able to build a governing majority. But whether they can or not, it’s clear that huge swaths of the country are desperate for an alternative to the neoliberal order that has reigned in the country for decades.

Who’s Winning the Vampire Squid Primary?

From Bill Clinton to Barack Obama, top Democrats have long been beholden to the predatory and socially useless private equity industry. This time, the finance bros are donating in droves to Biden, Buttigieg . . . and Deval Patrick (?). They just really want to stop Bernie Sanders.

The Transatlantic Health-Care Struggle

American advocates of Medicare for All should show our solidarity with Britain’s working class as it fights to save its National Health Service from privatization at the hands of Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, and the predatory American health-care industry — the same industry that’s fighting tooth and nail against Medicare for All here at home.

Getting Gene Sharp Wrong

The legendary nonviolence theorist Gene Sharp wasn’t just a lonely scholar studying how political change happens. He was a Cold War defense intellectual whose ideas left a profound imprint on the way America wields power in the world.

The Pro-Israel Consensus on Capitol Hill Is Breaking Up

The last Democratic debate was the most useless yet. But amid the garbage, Bernie Sanders dropped a gem: for the first time, a major presidential contender brought up Palestinian rights unprompted. That’s because the pro-Israel consensus on Capitol Hill is finally breaking up.