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France’s Demonization of Muslims Is Getting Worse

On Friday, an Islamist extremist murdered a schoolteacher in a suburb northwest of Paris. In response, the French interior minister has called for a ban on an anti-Islamophobia legal association wholly unconnected to the atrocity. We need to resist this turn against democracy and justice.

What Is the State of Conservatism Today?

Know Your Enemy is a podcast about conservatism that takes analyzing its ideas and actions seriously. As we approach the end of Trump's presidential term, we talked to its hosts about the state of the Republican Party and the Right after nearly four years of President Trump.

India Is Still Cracking Down on Dissent

In India, the Modi government’s lethal mix of authoritarianism, Hindu nationalism, and neoliberal reform is culminating in a staggering criminalization of all dissent. Colliding with the crisis of the pandemic, Indian democracy is in grave trouble.

The Romance of American Clintonism

The politically complacent ’90s produced a surprisingly large number of mainstream American rom-coms about fighting the Man. You’ve Got Mail gave us a new fantasy, fully neoliberalized: What if the Man is Mr Right?