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The US Government Should Declare Climate Emergency

The havoc that will soon be wrought by climate change is unfathomable. It's a crisis — one which Reps. Earl Blumenauer, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Sen. Bernie Sanders demanded yesterday the US government recognize. It's a needed step towards winning a Green New Deal.

Bernie Sanders’s Campaign Is Different

A new video from the Bernie Sanders campaign is proof: Sanders has used his bully pulpit to amplify workers’ struggles around the country, in a way no national politician in the United States has done before now.

Freezing Workers of the World, Unite!

Millions of you are suffering in overly air-conditioned workplaces right now. This isn't about remembering to bring an extra sweater to work — it's class war. Workers should be in control of office temperature, not bosses.

Grocery Workers Stand Up

In 2003, California grocery workers launched the longest grocery workers’ strike in history — but failed to win their demands. Now, having authorized a strike in late June, they’re coming back to finish the job.

Americans Actually Do Want Medicare for All

The media and the private insurance lobbyists are doing everything they can to twist the truth about public opinion on a public health system. Don't listen: when it's described accurately to them, a majority of Americans want Medicare for All.

Selling Out Julian Assange

By granting asylum to Julian Assange in 2012, Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa made clear his country would no longer bow to US diktats. The decision this spring to allow Assange's arrest shows how far Ecuador's challenge to empire has faded. 

The Real-Estate Developers Are the Enemy

Chicago recently elected six socialists to its city council. One organizer explains how they won: by going after the real-estate developers that are gentrifying the city and pushing working-class Chicagoans out.

Vietnam Gambles on Workers’ Rights

In a desperate effort to tame rebellious workers, Vietnam is now building a collective bargaining regime. But empowering independent trade unions could backfire for the country’s authoritarian government — and allow workers to fight back against multinational capital.