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Immanuel Wallerstein’s Thousand Marxisms

Immanuel Wallerstein saw his scholarship as a “political task” in the fight against the capitalist system. In this interview — published for the first time in English — he reflected on the historical impulses behind his work, in the age of the Vietnam War and the decline of Soviet socialism.

Requiem for a Chickenhawk

John Bolton is a glassy-eyed fanatic who wants to wage war on the entire world. Miraculously and thankfully, his tenure in the Trump White House before being fired by the president was largely a failure.

Rescuing Nkrumah

In today’s Ghana, the socialist ideas of the country’s first president Kwame Nkrumah have been declared irrelevant by the major parties. But a new generation is reviving them and giving them an organizational home.

Emmanuel Macron’s Presidency Is Still Doomed

Emmanuel Macron’s many loyal outriders in the media are trying to paint the picture of a “comeback” in his fortunes. But rising labor disputes and challenges to his environmental record show that the French president is anything but popular.

No, We Don’t Have the “Right to Be Islamophobic”

After a speaker at France Insoumise’s summer school invoked the “right to be Islamophobic,” the French left is again at war over secularism. But the real problem is a failure to take sides with the victims of racism — and defend Muslims against attempts to stigmatize them.

Leon Wofsy, the Organizer

With Leon Wofsy’s death last month, we lost a scientist and organizer who spent his near-century on earth fighting against racism and war and for free speech — and embarrassing Ronald Reagan to his face at the height of his attacks on student activism in California.

Politics Is Not Arithmetic

UBI advocates have a habit of mistaking politics for arithmetic. Proving that a policy is mathematically possible isn’t enough — and it can distract from more compelling left priorities.