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Let’s Stop Talking About the “Overton Window”

Socialists should be making well-thought-out proposals for a better future and building the class power to bring that program into reality. The idea that our purpose is simply “shifting the Overton window” by spouting the most radical-sounding slogans is an unhelpful distraction.

The 1776 Unites Project Is an Exercise in Empty Capitalist Boosterism

Last week, Donald Trump denounced the “radical” ideas brainwashing students to hate America. Right on time, the 1776 Unites project released education materials they claim are a corrective. Praised by education secretary Betsy DeVos as "wonderful," the materials aren't a serious look at American history — they’re empty boosterism for American free markets.

How We Can Elect Sara Nelson as President of the AFL-CIO

Having Association of Flight Attendants president Sara Nelson as the head of the AFL-CIO wouldn’t cure all that ails American labor, but it would be an enormous boon for the project of building a more democratic, militant, progressive US labor movement. It won’t be easy, but there’s a real path to getting her elected.

“This Would Really Push the Supreme Court Over the Top”

Much of the discussion around Donald Trump’s Supreme Court appointment after Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death has been about crucial issues like abortion. But the court also rules regularly on issues of corporate power in America — and whoever Trump’s replacement is will be a steadfast friend to corporations.

Un nuevo imaginario para nuestra América

La pandemia del COVID-19 impacta en una América Latina ya golpeada por la crisis económica y por una ofensiva conservadora casi sin precedentes. Pero los pueblos se resisten a dar la pulseada por perdida, y los ejemplos de resistencia y construcciones alternativas proliferan por toda la región.