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Call for an Art Editor

[Applications are currently closed for this! — ED] I’m overwhelmed producing cheap vector art for the consuming masses and now I need help. Jacobin is looking for an Art Editor to assist with the visual end of the magazine. The main responsibilities include selecting images (without getting us sued) to pair with blog posts and commissioning artists […]

The Black Jacobin

Choosing a visual representation for a collective can be as politically fraught as the drafting of a written manifesto, and the image that graces our masthead is no exception. I presented four options to the Jacobin editorial board, but the debate boiled down to two. An abstract symbol ultimately lost out to our new pictoral logo, which references C. L. R. James’s The Black Jacobins.

The Black Jacobin

How any group collectively decides to represent itself visually often comes with the same debate and perturbation that mark the drafting of a written manifesto. The image you see on the banner of this website is no exception. I had originally presented four options to the Jacobin editorial board and a discussion over the choices ensued. […]