The Survivors

Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn survived decades of reaction to inspire a resurgent left.

The Long March

Bernie Sanders suffered a setback last night. But local victories point to the resurgence of popular movements.

Work to Need

What if everyone with a pointless, wasteful, or destructive job simply refused to show up to work?

Ours to Master

Our challenge is to see in technology both today’s instruments of employer control and the preconditions for a post-scarcity society.

Smash the Engine

Snowpiercer’s themes go beyond merely pointing out class exploitation to challenge the logic of capital.

Adjusting to Apocalypse

Societies are going to adjust to climate change in some way — it’s up to us to push that transformation in a progressive direction.

The Comforts of Dystopia

Elites tell us the future is inevitably bright; left curmudgeons insist it’s inevitably gloomy. We don’t win from playing this game.

Work It

Simply saying we should improve the quality and reduce the duration of work doesn’t allow us to ask whether that work needs to exist at all.

Peter Frase

Peter Frase is on the editorial board of Jacobin and the author of the forthcoming book Four Futures: Life After Capitalism.