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Nivedita Majumdar

Nivedita Majumdar is an associate professor of English at John Jay College. She is the secretary of the Professional Staff Congress, the CUNY faculty and staff union.

Is Socialism Eurocentric?

Apr 18

  • Nivedita Majumdar

Both capitalist exploitation and workers' resistance look fundamentally similar all over the world. Within the West and outside of it, socialism speaks to those experiences.

CUNY’s Last Lifeline

Jul 16

  • Nivedita Majumdar
  • Barbara Bowen

This spring's contract struggle brought students and faculty together to stem attacks on public higher education in New York.

Bernie and His Critics

Feb 01

  • Nivedita Majumdar

Whether he wins tonight's Iowa caucuses, Bernie Sanders has provided an opening that we can't squander.

Greece: Against Defeatism

Jul 29

  • Nivedita Majumdar

As strange as it may sound, there are reasons to be cheerful in Greece and across Europe.