Eric Hobsbawm and the Next Left

Does Marxism have a political future? Hobsbawm is clearly not optimistic. But at the same time, he gives the impression that hard as it may be to imagine the transcendence of capitalism in the short term, it is difficult for him to conceive that socialism is not on the cards in the long run. He still thinks […]

On Debt: A Reply to Josh Mason

Josh Mason and I have been debating since my critique of David Graeber’s Debt went online a few weeks ago. We started at Crooked Timber – completists can read the original comments box exchange here. At that point we switched to email, with several lengthy back-and-forths – the total wordcount a multiple of the original […]

Marglin and Mankiw

In “Occupy Economics,” I mentioned Stephen Marglin, a radical Harvard economics professor who got tenure before the crackdown of the 1970s, and who is still there teaching an alternative undergrad economics course. He has to his name a number of absolute classics of radical political economy: “What do bosses do?” (Part I, Part II), with […]

Mike Beggs

Mike Beggs is an editor at Jacobin and a lecturer in Political Economy at the University of Sydney.