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Michal Rozworski

Michal Rozworski is a Toronto-based union researcher and writer. He blogs at Political Eh-conomy.

Beltway Bullshit

Apr 15

  • Michal Rozworski
  • J. W. Mason

Liberal wonks aren't afraid of Bernie's "inexperience." They're afraid of an economy where working people have power.

Apple Isn’t Your Friend

Mar 11

  • Michal Rozworski

Apple is being praised for defending its users’ privacy. But its main concern is its bottom line.

Why We Fight Uber

Dec 16

  • Michal Rozworski

The fight against Uber isn't technophobia. It's a fight for a technology that could foster real cooperation.

Poland’s Iron Consensus

Nov 16

  • Michal Rozworski

Poland's recent elections cemented right-wing dominance and the neoliberal trajectory of the past two decades. Can the Left recover?