Articles by: Meagan Day

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Meagan Day is a staff writer at Jacobin.

The Hidden Billionaires

Media-friendly, politically moderate billionaires like Bill Gates get a lot of airtime. But the vast majority are nothing like him. Most are highly secretive — and extremely right-wing.

Bernie Sanders Wants You to Fight

When Bernie Sanders says “It’s not about me, it’s about us,” he’s not just pandering. He’s trying to create a mass movement — because he knows that without one, his agenda doesn’t stand a chance.


The “Skills Gap” Was a Lie

For years, capitalists and their journalistic mouthpieces blamed joblessness on a "skills gap." But there wasn’t a skills gap. There was a gap between what society owes people and what it’s willing to offer them at the expense of corporate profits.

Friendly Fyre

We’re fascinated by the grand scam that was the Fyre Festival not because such blatant ripoffs never happen under capitalism, but because for once the wealthy were getting screwed along with workers.

Bernie’s Plan for Racial Justice

The micro-scandals alleging that Bernie Sanders doesn’t take racism seriously won't end any time soon. We should call them what they are: cynical attacks on a politician whose commitment to racial justice is intertwined with fighting economic inequality.