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Luke Savage is a staff writer at Jacobin.

The Energy Policy Culture War Is an Absurd Fantasy

What a surprise — the Texas energy disaster has been turned into a yet another culture war scrimmage field, pitting right-wing advocates of fossil fuels against liberal supporters of renewable energy. But the red vs. blue framing conceals something important: when it comes to the climate, Texans are far to the left of their representatives.

Joe Biden’s Climate Policies Are a Step Back From “Death Wish.” But We Need More Than That.

So far the Biden administration’s stated climate policies have shifted the US government from a stance of death-wish climate nihilism to one that resembles a typical center-right European government. But without a sharp move to the left on the economic aspects of climate transition, even that much progress won’t materialize.

How the Right Won a Postwar Counterrevolution in Economics

The Great Depression thoroughly discredited laissez-faire economics. But over the postwar decades, with the help of generous business funding and political connections, figures like Milton Friedman led a remarkable revival of nineteenth-century economic ideas. They did it by adopting a pseudo-populist rhetoric that celebrated individual choice and autonomy.

“I Pretty Much Immediately Discovered How Bad American Health Care Was”

Journalist Libby Watson started a newsletter to document the horrors of the US’s profit-driven health system. She spoke to us about the insurance industry’s windfall COVID-19 profits, Joe Biden’s phantom public option proposal, and how growing up with Britain’s National Health Service made her experiences with America’s grotesque system all the more enraging.

Bernie’s Plan to Give Everyone Health Care During the Pandemic Could Transform Our Health System

Bernie Sanders’s proposal to create a national emergency health insurance plan could have a transformative effect on the national health care debate, long after the COVID pandemic is over. But that plan, along with any other progressive policies, will be rendered moot if Joe Biden sticks to his insistence on seeking Republican support in Congress.