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Kyla Sankey

Kyla Sankey is a London-based activist and political commentator. She is a PhD candidate in the School of Politics and International Relations at Queen Mary, University of London.

The Long Struggle Against Dependency

May 19

  • Kyla Sankey

The Pink Tide governments’ efforts to break from the tyrannies of world market dependence are not new. Neither are their failures to do so.

Colombia After Peace

Dec 22

  • Kyla Sankey

With peace on the horizon, the Colombian left’s future seems hopeful, but daunting challenges confront it.

A Faustian Gamble

Oct 08

  • Kyla Sankey

Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos was doomed by his path of securing peace through elite pacts.

What Happened to the Pink Tide?

Jul 27

  • Kyla Sankey

Latin America's "pink tide" governments challenge neoliberalism and US hegemony, but leave the basic structures of capitalism intact.