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Joe Allen

Joe Allen's latest book is The Package King: A Rank and File History of United Parcel Service.

Logistics’ Two Fronts

Mar 28

  • Joe Allen

Amazon and UPS are behemoths. Socialists can shake the foundations of the US economy by agitating and organizing at both.

Between Students and Workers

Mar 17

  • Joe Allen

At the height of the 1960s antiwar movement, student radicals held a heated debate about their role in labor struggles. That debate is still relevant today.

When George Wallace Came to Town

Jan 06

  • Joe Allen

Donald Trump's appeal to some suffering white workers shouldn't surprise us. George Wallace did the same thing four decades ago.

Hoffa’s Numbered Days

Dec 02

  • Joe Allen

The recent Teamsters election didn't unseat the old guard's James P. Hoffa, but it left him discredited and vulnerable.

Black Lives at Big Brown

Sep 26

  • Joe Allen

UPS markets itself as an ethical company, but its workers face persistent racism on the job.