Bad and Bourgeois

The super-rich talk to one another about a rising tide lifting all boats, all the while arming their yachts ahead of potential crisis.

Revenge of the Nerds

No act of consumption is completely passive, but even the most active types of consumption form a shaky ground for serious left politics.

Just Flip the Switch

The trailers for Elysium promised a class-struggle masterpiece, but for all its triumphs the film’s politics don’t quite measure up.

Art without Humans

Those DJs lost. Serato is everywhere, and it happened with less resistance than one might have expected. Maybe it’s because many DJs are interested in exploring new technology; maybe it’s because they aren’t organized as a labor force.

Reality TV and the Flexible Future

After every long day at the office I go home to face my addiction: watching other  people work. Whether I’m gritting my teeth as elderly miners crawl through a tunnel to chip out coal, or cracking up as drag queens scurry to complete missions assigned by RuPaul (catch-phrase: “You better work!”), there’s nothing I’d rather […]

“The Dark Knight” is No Capitalist . . .

By now, you already know: the new Batman movie is fascist propaganda, a clear swipe against the Occupy movement, and the occasion for the worst rampage in US history, by a guy referring to himself as the Joker. Historic stuff is happening, so much so that Hollywood opted not to report its weekend numbers out […]

Tronti on Generational Conflict

Those of us who had lived through the struggles of the factory workers in the early 60s looked on the student protests with sympathetic detachment. We had not predicted a clash of generations, though in the factories we had met the new layer of workers — especially young migrants from the South — who were […]

Race War or Murdering Your Parents: A Left Debate

  What are the liabilities of a lazy, violence-fetishizing generational warfare position, which ignores actual conditions on the ground in favor of rhetorical bombast? In case it isn’t clear: It’s so easy to mistake cleavages in the working class as substantive capitalist antagonisms that you can jump right to race war in one easy step! After […]

Occupy Beyoncé

D on’t call it an occupation — they’ve been here for years. In fact, until an untimely — well, actually quite timely for DC’s ravenous real estate developers — fire put it out of commission, there were a bunch of guys occupying space in front of the DC Farmer’s Market building, across from Gallaudet University in […]

Gavin Mueller

Gavin Mueller is a contributing editor at Jacobin.