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Daniel Denvir

Daniel Denvir is a fellow at Harvard Law School's Fair Punishment Project and the host of the Dig on Jacobin Radio.

A New Day in Philadelphia

May 18

  • Daniel Denvir

A left-wing civil rights lawyer is within reach of becoming Philadelphia's district attorney. Can he use the office to roll back mass incarceration?

Stand With Keith Ellison

Dec 07

  • Daniel Denvir

We can debate what Ellison can accomplish as the chair of a party dedicated to selling out workers -- but there is no doubt about who would cheer his defeat.

How Centrists Failed Immigrants

Nov 04

  • Daniel Denvir

On immigration, the road to the noxious nativism of Donald Trump was paved by centrist Democrats and moderate Republicans.

A Better Gun Control

Sep 15

  • Daniel Denvir

The only kind of gun control we have in the United States is the kind that locks up black people. We need an alternative.