The DeVos Democrats

Corporate Democrats have enabled Betsy DeVos’s privatization agenda for years. It’s time for them to choose which side they’re on.

The Teacher Wars

Dana Goldstein’s new history of American teaching is superb. But she’s much too easy on the “reformers” undermining public education.

Hegel Meets Reagan

Rick Perlstein is a master chronicler of American political absurdity. But explaining Reagan and the Right requires more than a catalog of the absurd.

Did Paul Goodman Change Your Life?

After my recently published article, “Teach for America: The Hidden Curriculum of Liberal Do-Gooders,” went semi-viral, thanks in no small part to Valerie Strauss, who republished it in its entirety at her Washington Post education blog, I received quite a bit of interesting feedback from readers. Some of it was negative (coming mostly from TFA […]

Are Conservatives Racist?

I just finished reading a book for review, Michelle Ann Abate’s Raising Your Kids Right: Children’s Literature and American Political Conservatism (which I wrote about, in relation to the study of children’s literature, here). In Abate’s conclusion, she ponders the future of the conservative movement in relation to the grassroots enthusiasm generated by John McCain’s choice […]

U.S. Intellectual History

Since I’m new to this blog, I thought I would introduce myself to readers by pointing to my regular blog, U.S. Intellectual History, which won the 2010 Cliopatria Award for “best group blog.” We are an academic blog but we feature plenty of political content. Here is a small sample of the work we do: […]

The Bleak Landscape of American Education

Readers of this blog don’t need convincing that the current political landscape is bleak. Faced with a choice between centrist austerity-mongers led by chief austerity-monger Obama, and nihilistic anti-government Ayn Randians that go by the name of Tea Partiers, it’s no wonder that leftist intellectuals are reduced to compelling if pointless banter about what motivates […]

Hollinger on the Protestant Dialectic

The July 2011 edition of the Journal of American History includes David Hollinger’s article, based on his Presidential Address, “After Cloven Tongues of Fire: Ecumenical Protestantism and the Modern American Encounter with Diversity.” In it, Hollinger describes the social thought of those mid-century Protestants, whom he calls “ecumenical Protestants,” who quit thinking in particularistic Christian and American terms […]

Andrew Hartman

Andrew Hartman teaches history at Illinois State University. He is the author of A War for the Soul of America: A History of the Culture Wars.