Jacobin is published quarterly. We attract a disproportionately young and engaged audience of book buyers. Our outreach efforts are focused in the New York and Chicago metropolitan areas, but Jacobin reaches an international readership and has over eighty reading groups around the world.

Jacobin has recently been featured in the New York Times, VoxDie Zeit, Rolling Stone, MSNBC, and other mass media outlets.

Our publication sports a limited amount of advertisement space in both print and web formats. Discounts are available for both multi-issue commitments and non-profit organizations. Past advertisers include Duke University Press, SAGE Publications, Verso Books, n+1 magazine, Haymarket Books, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, OR Books, University of Pennsylvania, New Left Review, and Monthly Review Press.

We average a print-run of 35,000 copies, including our paid digital subscribers our total circulation is over 40,000. The month after our last issue release saw our site reach over 1,300,000 visitors.  Rate sheet, site profile, and analytics data are available on request.


Editor & Publisher

Bhaskar Sunkara

Creative Director

Remeike Forbes

Managing Editor

Nicole Aschoff

Associate Editor

Shawn Gude

Micah Uetricht

Editorial Board

Seth Ackerman, Alyssa Battistoni, Mike Beggs, Megan Erickson, Peter Frase, Connor Kilpatrick

Art Editor

Erin Schell

Assistant Editors

Ella Mahony

Jen Hedler Phillis


Jonah Walters

Editorial Assistants

Branko Marcetic

Rajeev Ravisankar

Duncan Thomas

Carmen Triola

Contributing Editors

Bashir Abu-Manneh, Jonah Birch, Sebastian Budgen, Ronan Burtenshaw, Liza Featherstone, Sabrina Fernandes, Belén Fernández, Eileen Jones, Matt Karp, Cyrus Lewis, Chris Maisano, Scott McLemee, Gavin Mueller, Karen Narefsky, Catarina Príncipe, Kate Redburn, Corey Robin, Miya Tokumitsu

Outreach and Development

Jason Farbman

Reading Groups

Neal Meyer


Katrina Forman


Position Development